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CALM Programme

A Clinical Mindfulness & Cognitive Wellbeing Management Plan

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“The best way to support your treatment is to find a CALM state of living”

Cognition . Audition . Lifestyle Practices . Meditation and Clinical Mindfulness

The CALM Programme is a cognitive based wellness program created by Cubex that utilises lifestyle practices and clinical mindfulness techniques to support and enhance the wellbeing of patients care.

Cubex patient rehabilitation is more than a medical treatment, it is a clinical program that combines your medical support with real world auditory & cognitive education, clinical mindfulness tools that help you rejoin the important conversations in your life.

 It is our belief that optimum health is the combination of medical rehab & wellness lifestyle approaches.

The Cubex CALM Programme aims to supports and enhance your current state of health and wellbeing in your everyday life, for the better.

Our approach is simple, we facilitate a CALM state of living through our 4 pillar approach.

  • Cognitive Wellbeing
  • Audiological Awareness
  • Lifestyle Practices
  • Meditation & Clinical Mindfulness

How does the Programme Work?

Cubex patients can undertake the CALM programme which will be a 4-step program that will support & enhance their mental and cognitive wellbeing in a way that is supports their hearing state.

Throughout the 4 sessions, patients will be educated and assessed on their current state of cognitive wellbeing, and learn the tools & techniques to support their everyday lifestyle.

Session 1 /// Cognitive Assessment and Audiological Awareness
Session 2 /// Audiological Awareness & Learning to Meditate
Session 3 /// Lifestyle Practices & Clinical Mindfulness Techniques
Session 4 /// Meditation & Breathing Techniques

Each session is approx.. 75mins long, and in best practice would be completed in consecutive weeks

Lifestyle practices, meditation and clinical mindfulness are increasingly relevant for all patient treatment and is supported from across the industry and category as playing an essential value with proven benefits in your daily life. These practices will facilitate the optimum state of health & wellbeing.

Furthermore, the CALM programme is also beneficial for people seeking to enhance their everyday cognitive wellbeing, learn and enhance their lifestyle practices and incorporate meditative practices into with personal and professional routines. CALM, while a clinically based programme, will serve a real world benefit for anyone interested in learning and finding out more.

The Programme can be facilitated:

Weekly (with all session taking place consecutively)
Monthly (Once a week, 4 weeks consecutively)
Other (A structured schedule that works within your schedule and lifestyle)

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