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The CALM Programme

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A Clinical Mindfulness & Cognitive Wellbeing Programme

“The best way to support your treatment is to find a CALM state of living”

Cognition . Audition . Lifestyle Practices . Meditation & Clinical Mindfulness

CALM is a mindfulness-based cognitive & audiological wellbeing programme. Created by Cubex, the plan supports people experiencing reduced hearing ability, tinnitus and unhealthy levels of stress. It is a first of its kind management programme which aims to expand awareness and increase peoples capacity to engage with the world with greater ease, calm and clarity.

Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and the tools to become the expert on your own wellbeing.

At Cubex, patient care is more than a clinical treatment. Our programmes combine clinical support with real-world education, tools and techniques to help people rejoin the important conversations of life. It is our belief that optimum health is the combination of medical support & wellness lifestyle approaches. We use a combination of innovative audiological technology, lifestyle practices, cognitive training, psychology, clinical mindfulness and meditation.
Our approach is simple, we facilitate a CALM state of living through 4 pillars:

  • Cognitive Wellbeing
  • Audiological Awareness
  • Lifestyle Practices
  • Meditation & Clinical Mindfulness

How does the Programme Work?

If you are new to Cubex, the first step is booking a Consultation & Discovery Session with a Cubex Audiologist who will assess your current state of hearing health. Thereafter, you may begin your journey of learning how to cultivate CALM in your life. If you are already a patient at Cubex, there is no need to complete a Consultation & Discovery session, we can get you started right away.

CALM is generally run over 4 sessions. Throughout the 4 sessions, you will be assessed on your current state of audiological & cognitive well-being, and learn the tools & techniques to support your everyday living. Each session is approximately 75mins long, and we highly recommend that the sessions are completed over consecutive days for the best outcome. If this is not possible, we will structure a schedule that works for you.

After the 4 session’s we hope that you will be empowered to be the expert on your own wellbeing. However, we are always a phone call or an e-mail away for guidance and individual follow-on sessions can always be booked as required.

In some cases, completing a customised online training programme aimed at strengthening specific cognitive skills like working memory executive functioning, selective attention or episodic memory may be warranted. All online programmes are supported by a Cubex Audiologist who monitor your progress and provide the motivation needed to complete the cognitive training.

Furthermore, once you have completed the CALM programme you are welcome to join our quarterly CALM group sessions with our compliments.

CALM has helped me enormously to overcome the stress of everyday living and has enabled me to enjoy the day without feeling pressured or anxious. I think the programme and techniques of clinical mindfulness & meditation, which is more simple than I thought, has helped me immensely & without requiring much effort. The results are far greater than I expected. Miss Annabel Schild, Entrepreneur

I was connected to Jerusha at a time when my life was on the cusp of change, and I was sinking into grief, fear and stress. I had been meditating for a short while, but because of my circumstances (and perhaps some curiosity too), I felt called to get some guidance on how to best take the practice forward and embed it as part of my daily routine. I wasn’t sure what to expect beforehand, but Jerusha was an excellent teacher – warm, open, knowledgeable and fully committed to supporting others on their journey. The sessions I had with her were truly a transformation to me, and I was surprised at how much I was able to learn and move my practice forward in such a short time. I gained confidence, understanding, the realization that I can commit, and so much more… lessons that I can build on and that will benefit me for the rest of my life. I would not hesitate to recommend Jerusha as a professional, meditation teacher and an all-around inspirational human being!Miss Catherine Connolly

Learning mindfulness & meditation techniques with Jerusha helped me become more disciplined in looking after my wellbeing during a time when life felt hectic. The practice makes me feel very calm. Jerusha’s care goes beyond the face to face sessions. She continues to be there providing encouragement and responding to any experiences. Thank you very much, Jerusha!
Tomoko Akazaki

Is CALM only for people experiencing hearing loss or tinnitus?

Although CALM was designed specifically for people with hearing loss and tinnitus, the programme is also relevant to anyone who is seeking to maintain good audiological health and enhance their long-term cognitive wellbeing. It is especially beneficial to those experiencing elevated levels of unhealthy stress and fatigue in their system. CALM, while a clinically based programme, serves a real-world benefit for anyone interested in learning how to be in control of their own wellbeing.

Speak to us about the Cubex CALM Programme

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