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Cognitive Wellbeing

What you hear, and what you understand are distinctly different. Our brains are the cognitive interpreter of the audible sounds that we hear through our ears. Without the brains, what you hear are just sounds.

With the brain, what you hear are words, stories & conversations and this gives us the application of meaning to these sounds. Our ears and brains are fascinating in how they work together to support our every day living, and if you’ve experience any hearing loss, you know how much your mind works to keep up.

What the ears hear and send up to the brain is called Bottom Up Processing
What the brain figures out & understands is called Top Down Processing
As humans we need both to live & interact in the modern world.

Hearing Technology is only one part of the process. What your brain does with it is up to you.

At Cubex, all our patients have access to our lifestyle practices that support and enhance our cognitive and holistic wellbeing.

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