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Audiology Professionals News Archives | Cubex Audiologists

We are hiring!

Job Title: Clinical Audiologist Location: Marylebone, London, United Kingdom CUBEX is looking for an experienced […]

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Researchers use pupillometry to measure listening effort for the first time

Oticon and the Eriksholm Research Centre have been able to measure the level of stress […]

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UCL Ear Institute selects Cubex as a clinical placement site for students

Cubex welcomes Madison Tutton, UCL MSc student. We are so excited to be working with […]

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Study: Hearing gets more tiring for the brain as we age

With support from Sonova, a recent and globally unique study by the University of Zurich […]

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Wearing Hearing Aids Reduces Risk of Cognitive Decline Associated with Hearing Loss*

Study Shows That Hearing Aids Reduce Risk of Cognitive Decline Validates Benefits of Hearing Technologies […]

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Brain Health

At Cubex, we believe that listening is where hearing meets the brain. You individual abilities […]

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Brain Waves in Older Adults Compound Hearing Problems

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany, have discovered […]

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Connecting Hearing Loss with Healthy Ageing Agenda

Frank Lin’s ongoing research at John Hopkins University has shed light on how hearing loss, […]

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LiSN-S PGA The new benchmark in spatial speech-in-noise testing

Hearing care is not just about testing with pure tones or making sounds audible. Increasing […]

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Patient Centred Care

As audiologists, we need to manage and negotiate change in our daily routines to navigate […]

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