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In Events

By Cubex Concierge

Hearing Healthcare Workshop – Learn how to improve your hearing health and well-being

On 18, Jan 2019 | In Events | By Cubex Concierge

Learn how to take control of your hearing health and your life in this 2 day workshop created and hosted by Cubex.

There is no doubt that coming to terms with the possibility of reduced hearing ability can be a traumatic and upsetting experience. On average, people with hearing loss wait almost 10 years before taking active steps to change their hearing health so that they can recover their ability to communicate and improve well-being.

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Hearing Conversation with Saima

Welcome to Hearing Conversation with Saima!

Written by Cubex Senior Audiologist, Dr Saima Rajasingam (pictured), this news page is designed to promote conversation around topics that you would like to learn more about.

At Cubex, we have always valued the discussions we have with our patients. Your thoughts, ideas and experiences helped shape the treatment we provide today and motivates our innovative approach to hearing healthcare. This section of our website has a simple purpose in mind; to promote conversation in the areas of hearing, cognition and technology, so we can continue to ensure that our care is truly tailored to your needs.

So, on behalf of the Cubex team, here is a request – keep talking to us.

Let Dr Rajasingam know of any topics that would benefit you and your understanding of hearing health and technology. Please forward your thoughts to us.

For now, please enjoy Dr Rajasingam’s first news post in this series – ‘The Perpetual Student: How & Why We Keep Learning’

We look forward to hearing from you!
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In Events

By Cubex Concierge

Learn to Live Well with Tinnitus – A Mindfulness Based Cognitive Wellbeing Course for people with tinnitus

On 14, Jan 2019 | In Events | By Cubex Concierge

Join us & for a rare opportunity to learn tools, strategies and techniques to increase your capability to live well with tinnitus with leading experts in the fields of Audiology and Modern Mindfulness.


Created by Cubex, the workshop is designed to support people experiencing unhealthy tinnitus-related stress and will be running during Tinnitus Week 2019. 50% of the course fee will be donated to the British Tinnitus Association.
Over the 4 x 90 minute sessions, you will learn to cultivate greater cognitive well-being with the capacity to recognise unhealthy tinnitus related stress in your system and recover from it sufficiently. It is a first of its kind workshop which aims to help you to reduce anxiety and stress, increase vitality, expand awareness & increase your capacity to engage with the world with greater ease, focus, calm & clarity.
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In Arts & Lifestyle

By Rosie Williams

Communication tips for the festive season

On 06, Dec 2018 | In Arts & Lifestyle | By Rosie Williams

During the festive season, people tend to find themselves in busy, noisy and distracting environments more often than they might throughout the rest of the year. This can be quite overwhelming or stressful for someone experiencing hearing loss so we have some useful tips to make those events and occasions enjoyable for everyone.


Setting the dinner table

If you have a hearing loss, or are hosting a dinner party with a guest who has hearing loss, you’ll want to make sure the table arrangements are suitable for everyone.

This might mean ensuring those with hearing loss are placed further away from the kitchen or music speakers. It may be that someone has a stronger side and would rather sit with the majority of people on one side so make sure that is arranged early on.

Sight plays a big role in communicating clearly so making sure people have a clear view of everyones faces so they can clearly see if someone is talking to them and clearly see their facial expressions.


Setting the atmosphere

Background noise itself can cause a problem for those experiencing hearing loss, especially because people tend to speak even louder when there is some background noise. Try to reduce noise by lowering music volume, avoiding plate and pan clattering and if possible, spreading people out so they aren’t all shouting over each other in one place.


Utilising sight for better communication

Sight is really important to those with hearing loss, particularly because many hearing aids are directional and may not pick up on someone speaking nearby unless they are facing the direction of the person.

Being able to see peoples faces makes it easier to recognise when someone is speaking, as well as reading facial expressions, lips and body language. Ensure the lighting is not too dark and remove any table obstructions (such as candles) so everyone can clearly see everyone elses face on the table.


Don’t be afraid to ask

It’s best for everyone if you can let people know you have a hearing loss and how they can best help you in noisy environments. If you are unable to do that, you could let the host of the event know so that the environment can be adapted to suit you.

Don’t be afraid to ask someone to speak up, or to ask for the background noise to be turned down.


Learn more

To get more tips on communication throughout the festive season, you can read the full guide from Oticon here.

Want to check your hearing? Take our free online hearing test.

Take a free online hearing test >


Speak to an Audiologist

If you would like some advice or would like to have your hearing tested by an Audiologist, get in touch with us at Cubex to arrange an appointment.

Speak to an Audiologist >




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In Tinnitus

By Rosie Williams

Aged Veterans with Tinnitus Research Project

On 20, Nov 2018 | In Tinnitus | By Rosie Williams

The British Tinnitus Association are currently contributing to a research project exploring the impact of tinnitus on aged veterans. The project is managed by the Royal British Legion and funded by the chancellor using the Aged Veterans Fund.

Tinnitus in aged veterans is a subject which has not been researched before in the UK so they are looking for participants to take part and/or share the information about the project with your family/friends who might be interested.

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Introducing Phonak Marvel – A multifunctional hearing aid in a class of its own.

On 14, Nov 2018 | In Hearing Technology, News | By Jerusha Shulberg

Phonak Audéo Marvel focuses on what you expect from a first-class hearing aid – a clear, rich sound experience. Combined with modern technology it is a multifunctional hearing aid that conveys love at first sound.


Clear, rich sound

When we say love at first sound, we don’t just mean the first time you try on Marvel, but each and every time you wear them! Enjoy better speech understanding in noise¹, less listening effort² and be amazed at just how well your hearing aids perform in your everyday life.

This new generation of Phonak technology recognizes and automatically adapts to precisely match more listening situations than ever before 1. With AutoSense OS™ 3.0 and Binaural VoiceStream Technology™, you can enjoy better speech understanding in noise and less listening effort in everyday life.
Key highlights:
• Exceptional sound quality from the initial personalisation (2)
• Better speech understanding in noise (3)
• Reduced listening effort in noise (4)
• Top rated streamed sound quality (5)
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In News
Weekly Tip

By Jerusha Shulberg

Cubex Weekly TIP // You CAN live well with tinnitus!

On 07, Nov 2018 | In News, Weekly Tip | By Jerusha Shulberg



It’s always daunting for people to hear that tinnitus does not have a cure, but there are ways to manage and live well with tinnitus, without any suffering or stress. However, there is often a lot of misguided information out there. On this week’s TIP, Adam Shulberg talks about the importance of seeking out help from professionals and programmes that understand the biopsychosocial nature of tinnitus.

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In Events

By Jerusha Shulberg


On 30, Oct 2018 | In Events | By Jerusha Shulberg

Join us for an evening of dinner & discussion at La Fromagerie Marylebone with The Cubex Team and our special guest, Dr Doug Beck Au.D. The evening is designed to speak to professionals who specialise in the fields of Otology, General Medicine, Audiology, Psychology, Mental and Cognitive Health. It provides an opportunity to learn more about the wider context of hearing health and tinnitus.



This small & intimate and relaxed evening aims to keep medical and healthcare professionals at the forefront of recent developments in the areas of Cognition, Audition & Tinnitus and allows professionals to share their experiences and learn more about the field from different perspectives. During the evening discussions, guests will also enjoy some of the most beautiful seasonal produce from La Fromagerie.

The fee for the evening is £28,00. However, students, friends and professional colleagues can attend with our compliments and should get in touch with us directly on to reserve. Otherwise, click on the reservation link below.


Programme & Topic Overview

Arrival: 19:00 sharp

Dinner & Discussion Begins: 19:30

19:45 – Issues in Cognition, Audition and Amplification
20:45 – What about people with NORMAL HEARING?
21:15 – Dementia and Cognition and Audition
22:15 – Issues in managing patients with Tinnitus

Close: 22:45PM


Dinner Menu by La Fromagerie


Comte Sables & Parmesan Crisps


Devon crab with Shaved Fennel Chervil & Citrus dressing
Vegetarian option – Burrata instead of Crab


Cotes du Boeuf, Béarnaise, Roast Potatoes with Rosemary & Sea salt, Fine Green Beans
Baked Jack be Little with Wild mushrooms & Parmesan Cream


La Fromagerie Cheese Board with a lesson from the Cheesemonger


Pear & Almond Tartlet
Affogato and a selection of ice creams and sorbets


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In Hear&Now

By Rosie Williams

The link between untreated hearing loss, cognitive decline & dementia

On 29, Oct 2018 | In Hear&Now | By Rosie Williams

Readers may remember an international study in the Lancet, reporting that one in three cases of dementia can be prevented if more people looked after their cognitive health throughout their lives.

In the study, middle-aged hearing loss was identified as a major risk to developing dementia. Hearing loss denies people access to cognitively rich environments and can lead to social isolation and depression, leading to a higher risk of cognitive decline.

The study identified that 35% of the risk factors associated with dementia were modifiable, the most prominent being hearing loss which was responsible for 9% of the acceleration of the onset of dementia.

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In News

By Rosie Williams

Christmas opening hours & closures 2018

On 16, Oct 2018 | In News | By Rosie Williams

Cubex will close its doors for the festive season at 5pm on Friday 21st December 2018.

We will reopen at 9am on Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

Please make sure to arrange your appointments in advance as we tend to get very busy in the final run up to Christmas.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family Season’s Greetings, good health and happiness in the year to come.



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