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Hear&Now Archives - Cubex

Isolation, Hearing Loss & Cognitive Health with Adam and Jerusha Shulberg

With social distancing becoming a common term this year, it has forced many of us […]

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Cubex pushing forward the limits – An interview, by Dr Douglas L Beck for the Hearing Review.

In a recent article written by Dr Douglas L. Beck Au.D.for the leading publication in […]

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TED Talk – How does your hearing work?

We love this short TED talk briefly explaining how our hearing works, with simple animation. […]

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How high stress levels can lead to hearing loss

Stress is generally viewed as something that is unhealthy. However, not all stress is bad, […]

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A guide to managing brain health and cognitive health

Cambridge Brain Sciences recently shared an interesting and useful white paper with us called ‘Keeping […]

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The link between untreated hearing loss, cognitive decline & dementia

Readers may remember an international study in the Lancet, reporting that one in three cases […]

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The Benefits of Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction is an ear wax removal technique which is safe, comfortable and pain-free. It involves […]

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Empowerment, sustainability and a long awaited dream come true!

In January 2013, The Britain Nepal Otology Service (BRINOS) in partnership with BRINOS Ear Health […]

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Time & Talk

On average, people with hearing loss wait almost 10 years before they do something about […]

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Real Life…

Find out what Oticon Alta users are saying worldwide, including two patients of Cubex.

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