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Team profiles

Using all their skills and extensive training, our team is equipped to deliver a high and ethical standard of professional services to you.



Cubex Staff Adam Shulberg
Mr Adam Shulberg – Senior Audiologist and Managing Director

Qualifications – FSHAA RHAD


Adams desire to work in Audiology developed as early as age 13 whilst assisting his father with Ear health camps in Sri Lanka and Kenya.

He studied at the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital, Gray’s Inn Road and in 1980, qualified as the youngest audiologist in the UK.

By 1984 he was actively involved in the running of an Audiology clinic in Madrid with ‘satellites’ in Northern and Southern Spain, whilst also establishing himself in the UK practice. Adam became Managing Director of Cubex in 1995 when the London based operation moved to 25 New Cavendish Street.

In 2001, Adam set up a sustainable Audiology programme in Western Nepal and is responsible for facilitating, training and supervision of 7 Community Ear workers and over 700 volunteers.

Adam is a firm believer that as professionals, it is essential to understand the human dynamics associated with audiological disorders. He works closely with The IDA Institute to help with the process of generating and providing innovative, practical and actionable knowledge on the human dynamics associated with hearing loss. This knowledge is filtered through to the rest of the team at Cubex. He is a great facilitator and his passion and many years of experience in the field makes him a perfect mentor.

Adam is also certified as a Tinnitus Advisor by the British Tinnitus Association.

He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists and a member of the American Academy of Audiology.

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Dr Saima Rajasingam – Clinical Audiologist

Qualifications – PhD, Audiology


With a mother who is a doctor and a father who is an electronic engineer, Saima was drawn to a career that was an elegant synthesis of both professions. She undertook her BSc (Hons.) in Audiology at the UCL Ear Institute, where she was awarded student prizes for both academic and clinical excellence. Through working with patients, she grew to better understand the real-life, everyday implications of hearing loss.

Prior to joining Cubex, Saima worked in the NHS and taught students of Clinical Audiology. She began her PhD in Auditory Perception at Aston University (Birmingham) in 2012 and achieved her doctorate in 2016. Her research explores some of the ways in which the brain makes sense of the complex mass of sounds arriving at our ears. Saima has continued to remain involved in research and teaching as an Honorary Lecturer at the UCL Ear Institute, incorporating evidence-based practice into the clinical care we offer at Cubex.

“What drew me to Cubex was the commitment to high quality, individually-tailored care coupled with innovative, scientifically-driven treatments. What resonated most with me was the sincere commitment to helping people engage effortlessly with those they love and the world around them. I aim to view each and every person who steps through the door with fresh eyes, as unique individuals, deserving of the best possible care.”

Saima has maintained commitments within the voluntary sector for over a decade now. Specifically, within Audiology, she assisted with developing services in the Northern Province, Sri Lanka (2011 and 2013) providing basic training to staff and students at Jaffna Teaching Hospital. More generally, she has been involved in the Ending Loneliness Project, a voluntary movement addressing the increasing impact of loneliness on young and older adults in the UK, alongside her interests in global healthcare.

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Raúl Garcia-Medina – Audiologist and Aural care specialist


Raúl Garcia-Medina is the Clinical Director and founder of The Audiology Clinic. A member of the BSHAA Council, a panel member of the HCPTS, an IDA Fellow, and a past Clinical member of the UK Clinical Reference Group for Specialised Ear Surgery.

Raul has been an Audiologist providing clinical audiological services and ear care, including aural microsuction, for the past 20 years. After qualifying in Barcelona in 1996, he came to the UK where he has devoted most of his audiological professional career to the NHS before embarking on an entrepreneurial quest. He has ample experience working in both paediatric and adult audiology departments and specialising in both diagnostic and rehabilitation services. Raul has been managing audiology departments and teams of audiologists since 2003. He holds a postgraduate diploma in Audiology from the University of Manchester and an MBA from London South Bank University.

In 2014, he became the Audiology Professional Manager for the Royal National Throat Nose & Ear Hospital, part of the UCLH Foundation Trust. He has also worked in the private sector as a Consultant Audiologist performing aural microsuction with microscopy for the Clear Ear Clinic in London between 2007 and 2016.

His main specialities are aural care & microsuction performed with high-grade microscopes, auditory rehabilitation, audiological diagnostic investigations, tinnitus and hyperacusis management, auditory processing disorders, bone-anchored hearing aids and middle ear implantable devices, hearing loss prevention through education and counselling, and musicians’ hearing.

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Cubex Staff Jerusha Shulberg
Mrs Jerusha Shulberg – Audiology Training Manager, Clinical Mindfulness Teacher, Director of Innovation

Qualifications – BSc (Hon), 1 Giant Mind Certified Meditation Teacher, 200RYT Yoga


Jerusha completed a Bachelor of Communication Pathology (specialist in Audiology) at the University of Durban Westville, South Africa in 2001. Initially working in paediatrics and private adult rehab, she moved to London 18 years ago. After a 4 year spell in the NHS she then took a position at Oticon, initially in the role of regional business advisor and latterly as Audiology training coordinator. She is also certified as a Tinnitus Advisor by the British Tinnitus Association and meditation teacher by 1 Giant Mind.

She joined Cubex as Audiology Training Manager and Director of Innovation & Audiology Marketing in 2011. Person-centred care principles are fundamental to the way that the Cubex team approach the care of our patients and their families. One of her many roles has been to implement these principles and she continues to ensure that each member of the team applies these person-centred principles. She was instrumental in the rebrand of Cubex.

Jerusha is also the co-founder and co-director of theCubex CALM Programme., a clinical mindfulness-based cognitive wellbeing programme for hearing loss and tinnitus. She also co-developed our Corporate Wellness programme, CALM Corperate, a cognitive-based workplace wellness program that utilises lifestyle practices and clinical mindfulness techniques to support and enhance an individual’s personal & professional wellbeing.

Jerusha is also responsible for facilitating, training and supervising a team of Community Ear Assistants (CEA’s) and over 1000 volunteers in Western Nepal delivering Primary ear care and Audiological support to a catchment of nearly 1 million people in the Terai and the Himalayan foothills.

Outside of Audiology, Jerusha graduated from the Conde Naste College of Fashion with a Vogue Fashion Certificate. She is also a qualified yoga teacher.
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Cubex Staff Holli Rubin
Holli Rubin – Psychotherapist


Holli is a prominent London based Psychotherapist who works with an ‘Inside-Out’ approach towards mental health.

Working with a wide range of emotional and behavioural issues, Holli provides services that span from therapy for couples counselling for depression and anxiety, grief counselling, parenting support and beyond. At Cubex, Holli provides counselling for individuals, couples, and family’s who may experience the negative mental, emotional and social consequences associated with hearing loss and tinnitus.

Accredited by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, Holli offers a personalised approach that is tailored to meet the needs of each individual helping them attain the personal growth they’re striving for.

In addition to her private practice, Holli also works with government and schools as a speaker and facilitator, as well as supports non-profit organizations, to ensure mental health is part of a wider conversation..

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Cubex Staff Jeremy Corcoran
Mr Jeremy Corcoran – Highly Specialist Physiotherapist

Qualifications – BSc MSc, Physiotherapy


Jeremy is specialised in vestibular and facial rehabilitation. He has worked at Guys and St Thomas’ since 2004 and has experience in a range of clinical areas, including orthopaedics, head and neck surgery and neurology.  In 2008, he helped set up the balance clinic at Guy’s and continues to work alongside ENT and Audiology to diagnose and treat people with dizziness, vertigo or unsteadiness.

Jeremy is on the committee of a national association of physiotherapists who specialise in vestibular rehabilitation. In 1998, he won the Douglas Prize for Anatomy as part of his degree.

Specialist interests in vestibular rehabilitation include clinical application of dynamic visual acuity testing; optimisation of gaze stabilisation exercises; multimodal rehabilitation for older adults at risk of falling; rehabilitation of chronic subjective dizziness; spatial orientation and embodied processing. Specialist interests in facial therapy include: management of synkinesis.

Jeremy is currently deep in completing his PhD and as a result, has no social life at the moment!

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More on Mr Jeremy Corcoran here



Shradha Kotecha – Audiologist

Qualifications – BSc Audiology


Shradha completed her BSc in Audiology at the University of Bristol over a decade ago. She started her career working for a major high street retailer, managing five different clinics and serving the community of Berkshire for their audiological needs. Since then Shradha has worked both in adult audiology departments such as the adult diagnostic team at the Royal National Throat, Nose and ear Hospital; and in paediatric audiology at the Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust.

With patient care at the centre of her ethos, Shradha has been working privately on Harley Street with patients suffering from complex and debilitating vestibular disorders for the past five years; carrying out comprehensive and in-depth diagnostic tests, and providing support and rehabilitation. She has finally formally joined the team at Cubex almost a decade later after originally representing Cubex in the 2011 ear camp in Nepal.

On her days off Shradha is the host and creator of a health and wellness podcast – The Harley Street Edit. You can listen to our episode with her on the link between hearing and cognition here.

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