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About Cubex

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Our History

Life Empowered…

Enjoying life without restriction, stress and the anxiety that hearing loss creates is possible.

Ever since the creation of Cubex in 1964, a common goal shared by its founder Monty and now his son Adam Shulberg, has been to give people the freedom to enjoy the pleasure of effortless communication. 50 years on, and this goal continues to drive us.


Our Approach

Hearing care designed around you…

Individualised care is the core of audiological care at Cubex. Treatment programmes are designed around your needs, your wants, your abilities and your preferences. Our unique & comprehensive approach to audiological care promotes optimum hearing health & cognitive well-being.

We believe that it is important to strike the balance between technology, individual abilities and preferences to help meet the unique needs of each patient.


Our Values

Making a positive difference…

We believe that hearing loss is a communication disorder.  It doesn’t just affect the person, but their family, friends and everybody surrounding them.

By making person-centred care the core of our practice we aim to positively influence the lives of people with hearing loss and, their loved ones.  Our constant desire to enhance patient care continues to drive us and challenges how we practice with one common goal – patient empowerment.


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You are always completely safe at Cubex

We are pleased to be offering in depth, face-to-face clinical care when it is necessary and safe to do so.