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Food for Brains Recipes designed to promote brain function, cognition and memory.



In Food for Brains

By Jerusha Shulberg

Win a copy of Mira Manek’s latest cookbook, Saffron Soul.

On 01, Jul 2017 | In Food for Brains | By Jerusha Shulberg

Mira Manek’s desire for healthy cooking combined with her love of traditional Indian cuisine led her to tweaking her mother’s and grandmother’s recipes to create lighter, healthier dishes and her first cookbook Saffron Soul was launched this Spring.

Having travelled extensively through India, Mira realised just how authentic her own home cooked Gujarati food was. She champions eating well and eating wholesome home-cooked food that doesn’t compromise on flavour, using the spice box creatively and not just confining it to curries and daals.


Indian food is an internationally popular cuisine, yet, unfairly, it is often considered to be heavy, rich and indulgent. With more people than ever before turning to healthy home cooking there has never been a better time for a fresh and lighter take on Indian food – one that Mira is creating with her vibrant and healthy cooking style.

Saffron Soul is not just a cookbook, it’s a family history shared through recipes that have been passed on down the generations, but with Mira’s healthy twists and adaptations and we are excited to be giving 3 lucky readers the chance to win their own copy of Saffron Soul signed by Mira!!!

Saffron Soul - Front Cover FINAL

Reviews of Saffron Soul recipe book

She draws attention to the healthy ingredients that are used in day to day Indian cooking – lots of vegetables, grains and pulses, and of course spices – in a bid to challenge the common misconception that Indian cooking is a rich, unhealthy guilty pleasure for Friday nights, packed with cream, oil, sugar and colourings.

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