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Corporate Wellness


Cubex CALM Programme

The Cubex C.A.L.M. Corporate Wellness Program is a cognitive-based wellness program that utilises lifestyle practices and clinical mindfulness techniques to support and enhance your personal & professional wellbeing.

CALM is a 4 session program that is facilitated and lead by world class scientists, clinicians and experts in the wellbeing industry.

Our approach is simple, we facilitate a CALM state of living through our 4-pillar approach;

C: Cognitive Wellbeing & Assessment

A: Audiological Awareness & Assessment

L: Lifestyle Practices, tools & techniques for living & working mindfully

M: Meditation & Clinical Mindfulness


How the Program works?



Session 1
/// Introduction and Program Overview

• This session is a group session

• This session is to share the overview and program outline

• This session is 75mins


/// Cognitive & Audiological Assessment

• This session is indivualised and personalised

• This session is to test & asses the audiological and cognitive wellbeing of all participants to understand their personal state of hearing and brain processing function

• This session is 90mins p/person

• This can be coordinated in-house at your business location and done consecutively, or this can be facilitated at the Cubex clinic, schedule pending



Session 2
/// Learning to Meditate

• This session is a group session

• This session focuses on learning and understand the benefits of meditation, and starting a personal practice in the workplace

• This session is 90mins



Session 3
/// Clinical Mindfulness & Breathing techniques

• This session is a group session

• This session focuses on educating and sharing tools & breathing techniques for daily mindfulness, un-stressing and easing anxiety

• This session is 90mins



Session 4
/// Lifestyle Practices and incorporating it into the workplace

• This session is a group session

• This session focuses on lifestyle practices that supports an ongoing meditation practice and workplace mindfulness

• This session is 90mins



CALM Program /// Summary

• CALM is a 4 session program facilitated in your workplace or place of business

• Can be facilitated sequentially, weekly or as scheduled

• Lead by the Cubex Clinical Mindfulness team of experts and clinicians

• CALM Corporate Wellness Program is structured for up to 30 participants


Talk to Cubex about starting CALM in your workplace >

Please speak to us to find out more about starting CALM today in your workplace or business today.

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